Unveiling the mystery of I Ching

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In appreciation of your support, I will email you "The World of I Ching" in due time. "The world of I Ching" is a compact version of "Unveiling the mystery of I Ching" but further paraphrases the I Ching from the perspectives of viewing a hexagram together with its six lines in order to understand what happen in this hexagram, and in following the sequence of 64 hexagrams as well as journeying among its related hexagrams so as to understand the cause and effect. It will guide you to discover what the I Ching intends to tell us and why. The world of I Ching also includes eight-womb table (八宮圖 Ba Gong Tu) in respect of the evolution of 64 hexagrams, the time frame of 64 hexagrams, as well as He Tu (河圖) and Luo Shu (洛書) in relation to eight trigrams forming, the pre-heaven and the post-heaven diagrams.

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